February 6, 2009
Cobblestone Press
Genre: Historical Paranormal

When the man she despises is really the man of her dreams, it can only be . . . Destiny’s Fortune.

Samantha Covington wants to become a respected archeologist in Victorian England. Making life even more difficult is the constant success of the infamous and handsome treasure-hunter, Dex Diamond. He’s beaten her to every major find, ensuring both that her success remains elusive and that she despises him with every bone in her body. No matter--she has her dreams to comfort her, and the leading man at night does nothing but make her heart soar. When she sets her sights on an ancient Celtic legend, she not only has Dex Diamond to contend with, but the powers of a strange malachite stone.

Dex Diamond is a desperate man. He needs money and he needs it fast. While once he enjoyed helping solve the puzzle of history, now he reluctantly sells everything he finds. The competition with beautiful Samantha Covington makes it difficult to ignore his conscience that screams that the finds be handed over for scientific study. When he and Samantha are trapped in a maze of catacombs in the Scottish Highlands, he is forced to listen to that conscience even as he fights an attraction to a woman who thinks that Dex is exactly what's under every rock; a snake.


DESTINY'S FORTUNE is the second novella in THE DESTINY STONE anthology being released as seperate novellas.

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